Our Guarantee

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Get Decked proudly stands behind every deck we build! We take our work to heart!

You’ve chosen us out of dozens of other contractors to build your deck and have showed your trust in choosing us. By Choosing Get Decked you choose over 36 years of Strictly Deck Building Experience combined with the piece of mind that the caring, quality-oriented, Old World hardworking professionals you have chosen will be Second to None! You will be treated like family by a family that devotes their lives to building you, the BEST DECK imaginable at a price you can afford! The Working man (not salesman) that comes to your home, listens to your ideas, wishes and concerns…will right then and there design a few different floor plans and prices for you…and if hired…will be the man who will be on site proudly making your Dream a Reality!

What is Covered By Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty?

Our Azek PVC Low Maintenance Decking is backed by an Amazing, 50 Year Manufacturer warranty! The products we choose to use on all of our decks have all stood up through the test of time and have excellent warranties if you should ever have a problem. A copy of their warranty, care and cleaning instructions and recommendations are given upon completion of deck. All are also available for your review on the individual material manufacturer websites which are linked on our home page.

What is NOT Covered By Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty?

Naturally the warranty does NOT cover Normal wear and tear on the deck, unfortunate natural occurrences such as storm damage, accidents, cracking and splitting of wood, wood discoloration, and wood rot as these are natural occurrences etc. The warranty Does NOT cover negligent maintenance or additions/alterations that have been made to the original deck without proper consultation. Proper maintenance of your deck must be strictly followed! This warranty is only valid for the original owner and is non-transferable…the customer must maintain the original contract and copy of this signed warranty. However, The Azek Decking material warranty is transferable to a new owner! Azek Deck Warranties

Deck Cleaning and Care Instructions

Lipstick On a Pig

I got a phone call from a long ago customer, asking me to come back out and give them a quote for a new deck. Without hesitation I obliged, and met the customer to hopefully once again work for them. It was a great reunion, seeing the customer again, 15 years later, and sitting on the cedar deck I built many, many splinters ago… while I thought the longtime customers had aged, they must have thought the same about me! It was great to talk old times, and reminisce about our 1st time construction relationship…at the time we built their deck back in the year 2000, the customer said his son [at that time was 6 years old], he loved watching us work, and I gave him one of our carpenter pencils… he is now graduating college and still remembered that! Anyway, the customer wanted a new refreshing look to their old deck, and wanted us to utilize the old deck frame, and revive the look with a vibrant colored Azek floor, and redo the wooden cedar rails with a fresh inviting ivory rail… while I am totally against reusing any old frame, how can I not utilize this system… heck, I built it, I know it was built strong, and I know above anyone else, no one could have constructed a framing system any better! So, I told my old friends yes, I will rehab this 15 year old deck, and make it a brand new version of their outdoor paradise! And yes, I told the customer, we’ll credit the entire frame cost, and renew this deck at a fraction of what the deck costs today call for… everybody is happy right? Customer saves thousands, I get to work again and create a new masterpiece? How wrong could I have been? Once I started the rebuild, i noticed the ledger board on the lower level of the deck to be masonry bolted acceptable means of ledger attachment back in 2000, but a no no in today’s construction ethics also, the spans of the beams were 9’ in sections… today we span less than 8’… the 15 year old joists we were to reuse, had thousands upon thousands of screw holes, making them unable to hold new screw attachments securely. Not to mention that with pvc decking install practices nowadays joists need to be 12” on center, so adding the additional joists in between is putting more weight load stress on already 15 year old beams! On this snowy January day, I sit at the computer, and check out our competition, their websites, and every single one I read, has a section on re-decking, and how this form of deck building will save thousands of dollars… some decksperts call it resurfacing, some call it re-facing some call it re-skinning, face it folks, it is simply applying lipstick to a pig. Chances are, decks built even as little as 5 years ago were not constructed to today’s codes… codes are currently made up by smart engineer folk, people way smarter than this 52 year old deck pro, and it is simply not just my responsibility to follow them, but yours, and more importantly, other deck craftsmen. So, we all must accept the simple notion to accept the cold hard fact that re skinning decks is bad practice. I know a lot of folks have huge wooden decks, and I know that to rebuild them costs a lot of money. Think about this strongly, if you are contemplating redoing your existing wooden deck and redoing it with a maintenance free product, you already are investing thousands of hard earned dollars into the rehab. what happens when the frame starts to fail? That shiny new flooring you just spent a fortune on suddenly becomes worthless. It simply is not a good investment, nor good business practice to reface… common sense will tell you that redoing decks using the age old wooden frames, will give you 1-2-maybe 3 years of added enjoyment, but sooner than later, father time with the help of a few carpenter ants, mold, termites, and just plain moisture and weathering will kill the age old frame of an older deck…who can you turn to then to help? The carpenter who simply slapped a bright and shiny band-aid on your existing deck? The building inspectors who said it was ok to reuse your old dying frame? No, I ask all involved… use common sense when it comes to your deck… you won’t bring your car with 100,000 miles into the shop and ask that they slap on a new body over the frame, you won’t ask the dentist to throw a cap on your rotten, painful tooth, and the next time you see a pig, picture it with lipstick, cause that is what a 15 year old deck is like, with new decking…