Get Decked FAQs

Tears down and removes old decks. Builds low maintenance decks. Builds custom screen porches.
Get Decked does not do patios. Get Decked does not redeck/resurface old decks or build on anything existing. Our competitors try to push redecking as it is a quick money making project for them and often requires no permit. If you are rebuilding a deck the entire structure has got to go. Why? We sell value—if you are about to invest thousands of dollars in this project, we want to make sure it lasts!Get Decked screen porches cannot be built on an existing deck or concrete pad. They will have to have all new and additional footings and beams. Get Decked also does not repair decks. Chances are, if your deck needs repairs, it probably won’t last. We do repair our decks—should anything ever go wrong with our deck, we stand behind it!
Get Decked is licensed in Pennsylvania and Delaware. We serve Chester County, PA, New Castle and northern Kent Counties, DE and the surrounding areas, as far south as Dover.
Yes! Our company is very old school when it comes to estimating—and very different from all of our competition. We do not believe in salesmen. The person who is actually building your deck should be the person with whom you are discussing your project. No middle man or pushy sales people! With Get Decked the owner and builder sits down with you to discuss your new project. We bring all of our sample colors, styles, and materials to show you personally. We design several scaled plans right at your kitchen table and and give you costs for every aspect of your new deck.
Getting multiple estimates is common when investing in any type of home improvement. Honestly, if the deck really isn’t that important to you, you just need a deck and you are all about price…Get Decked may not be for you! People compare contractors, but Get Decked stresses when comparing apples to apples it is not just price. Our competition uses different cost effective materials than we do and don’t go to the lengths we do in our construction. But the biggest difference in comparison with deck builders is not just materials—it’s the quality of installation. Some companies employ several crews of subcontractors with multiple jobs going at once. Get Decked has one of the areas most experienced crew of master craftsmen, and no other area crew has this much talent on a crew. So we think you’ll like our apples better!
We can supply hundreds of references for decks we have completed, some built yesterday and others built several years ago. Also, feel free to check out the Get Decked reviews on Google, Houzz, Get Decked’s Facebook page, and all of the testimonials all of their wonderful customers have sent in for our website!
Yes! Get Decked takes care of applying for all inspections and proper Building and Zoning permits. If you have a Homeowners’ Association, we will submit the HOA request on your behalf! We will need a survey or plot plan of your house/property to obtain a permit, however. It will look like a map of your lot and home with the measurements on it. This is to show where the new deck will be built and make sure it won’t violate any regulations. Please note, if you are in New Castle County and don’t have a survey or plot plan, your deed will show who did the original survey and often, the firms are still in business and can print out and fax or email you a copy, usually for a small fee. If you cannot locate one, New Castle County will require you to get your property resurveyed, which can take up to 2 weeks and will be an additional fee of $400.00 for a new official survey! If your home is fairly new, you may want to check with your builder, or mortgage company. Some Other contractors may redeck and tell you no permit is needed…but that is only true if they are only redecking. If the rail is modified, a permit and inspection is always needed!
Get Decked has one crew! It will go very quickly! Some smaller decks may be done in just one day of construction, larger decks in 2-3 days. A monster deck with a screen porch may be 5-6 days! We will never leave your job and start another one! You are given a start date—the only thing that could possibly push your start date back is if your permit is being held up for some reason, or if we had a Nor’Easter! From that date, we will work proficiently and thoroughly to get the job done so as not to inconvenience your family! Mike spoils the Get Decked crew. At the end of the day, at his workshop, he will cut, mark, predrill, prep as many items for upcoming job as he possibly can to save time on site! The day we install the decking, we do not leave for the day until the rail posts are set. Then that evening, Mike and a helper and cut and assemble all custom rails for the next day! Everything is wrapped, prepped, marked, and organized for the next day! Very efficient! Mike drinks A LOT of Wawa coffee!
We can help! Most of the time, we don’t need to come out to give you a good estimate of what you want us to build. First, take a look at our pricing page. Then, if you’re still unsure about what the cost may be and don’t want the pressure of an in-home estimate, feel free to call us with a general idea of what you’d like (including size), let us ask a few quick questions, and we’ll give you a price right over the phone!
Get Decked uses low maintenance decking and we proudly use top of the line Azek decking. A Premium capped polymer decking, made without wood, that provides unparalleled performance while boasting unrivaled design — all backed by a Limited Lifetime Product Warranty and a 50-Year Limited Fade & Stain Warranty", (available in 13 different colors/grains.) Also available in the Azek Vintage collection colors and the new Multi Width Deckboards! We have used Azek for over 17 years and have never had a warranty issue! We’ve have tried every brand over the years and Azek is the only product without issues. Our rails are all custom made SOLID plastic…no hollow rail kits that shake in the wind and break down in a few years! Our rails are all custom made! We will also mix and match different products and colors to achieve unique looks!
Azek is a PVC decking, composed solely of Polyvinyl chloride. It contains NO wood. It is a more expensive option in decking but its lower maintenance and resistance to staining, scratching, and fading is significant compared to other products available. It is a solid cellular plastic free of all wood ingredients. It will NOT fade, warp, crack, stain or splinter! Azek has had an awesome 25 year warranty but this past year they’ve added an Alloy Armor coating and have sinced extended the warranty to 30 years! It is more expensive than composite decking, since composite decking is a mixture of plastic, wood fibers and agents that bind the product together so it will be stronger and more substantial than just a wood deck but a wood-plastic composite is a cheaper product that doesn’t stand up like the PVC—and will most likely end up costing you aggravation and money in the long run!
For snow and ice removal tips from AZEK, please click here: timbertech.com/ideas/winter-deck-protection
There are several companies who claim that they should be your contractor, but no matter how many companies you talk to, you can only choose one. Get Decked has devoted our entire career to building strictly decks, and we give our customers only the best possible options for your new project. No salesmen, no money down, we take care of all building permits and have only one crew that builds our decks—no subcontractors! The same guy that you talked to originally is building what you discussed—no worries and no surprises! Our floorings are of the highest quality money can buy. Our rails are not the hollow mess most of our competitors use, but handcrafted solid plastic that last a lifetime. We use only the finest materials available and construct your entire deck using the area’s most skilled craftsmen. We’ve won several awards for our customer service and supply the strongest warranty in our business! We did not write the book on decks, but over the past 36 years we have read it…and we guarantee that, should you choose us, you will be making the right decision. We truly care about what we do and it shows when we are working on your dream deck!
Yes, we do! We have teamed up with EnerBankUSA to provide financing options with no money down, no-prepayment penalties, and low monthly payments. There are many ways to apply:
  • (800) 774-7598 - Please have the contractor code ready.
  • Online - click here
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