Hiring a Deck builder boils down to 3 important factors...


The Deck you are contemplating is an extension of your most prized possession – YOUR HOME!  Don’t allow just any novice carpenter with a hammer to tackle this.  Hire a professional.  A company with extensive training and knowledge in the profession.  Get Decked has the education, over 30 years of strictly Deck building expertise and thousands of satisfied Homeowners across the area. Get Decked uses only state of the art professional tools, and handpicked materials backed by warranties that supersede everyone.  Not to mention that all of the work is done by the Owner!  No subcontractors or sales people to deal with!  Who gives you the estimate, will be the person who will actually build your Deck!  Get Decked is family owned and operated and rest assured, Get Decked will treat you, your family and your Property with the greatest respect!  Our jobsites are left spotless and safe after each and every day!  And we don’t start your job then leave and start another.  When we start your deck, from morning to night we work professionally and diligently until it’s done satisfactory before we start our next project!  We are a proud member of the BBB.  We are a registered Home Improvement Contractor with the PA Office of Attorney General (PAHIC# 039607) and we are licensed and bonded in tons of Townships, Towns, Cities and County offices throughout PA and DE! Just ask,  we will be happy to supply you with a current copy of our insurance certificate and/or license/registration number for your township!


To let you know how to figure out what your new deck will cost…

  • $55.00 Per Sq. Ft. Pricing for Azek PVC Decking (Includes aluminum balusters, permit applications, and permits! ) Steps are extra! Other extras such as lattice, beam and post wrap underneath, rocks/weed barrier, led lighting, deck stone tiles for under grills or firepits inlaid in the decking…all can be added on! Can also upgrade to the wider rail post sleeves for a little more classy look.
    • The above price is only valid for decks that are 200 sq. ft. or larger.
    • If your new deck will be under 200 sq. ft, the applicable price is then $60.00 per sq. ft.
    • The minimum Deck size we build is 120 sq. ft.
  • SQ FT. PRICING Western Red Cedar Decks: $40.00 (Decking is knotty hand selected) rail consists of mostly all handpicked clear cedar.
  • Cortex Screws and Plugs with Azek Hidden fastening system: $3.50 per sq. ft.
  • Angled decking: $3.50 per sq.ft.


Our Azek Decks includes a pressure treated frame as well as:

  • 2×8 floor joints 12” on center
  • Double 2×10 beams carriage bolted to 6×6 post supports
  • An additional beam also is installed 2′ in up against the house wall for added support of the ledger.
  • Front and back of the beams can wrapped in plastic for $110 per every 16 lineal feet.
  • 6×6 Support beams can be wrapped in vinyl sleeves for $110.
  • 16” wide x 36” deep or 16” wide x 32” deep concrete footings.
  • Azek PVC decking in colors from the Harvest, Terra, Arbor, and Vintage collections.

Our railing options include:

  • Our custom made SOLID plastic railings for our Old World and New England style rail with standard rail post caps
  • Our wider and beefier 5×5” rail post for an addition $4 per sq. ft. offered in several dark colors with a more detailed intricate post cap and trim ring.

Steps will run $200.00 per step. Included is:

  • Step railing
  • Code required graspable handrail on one side of the step rail

If you have any more than 6 or 7 steps you should definitely break the run up with a 4×4 landing midway as the plastic tends to be a bit more flimsy than the old school old wood deck railings. So cutting a long set of steps up with a landing helps tremendously. So if you have a higher deck and want a set of steps don’t forget to figure in for the landing. One other thing you may need done is to tear down and remove your old deck. We usually charge $3.50 per sq. ft. for your old deck.

Extras that are available:

  • To block those little critters from nesting under your deck, a standard cross buck lattice with access door can be installed and usually runs about $125.00 per sheet. Additional types and styles are available at an additional cost.
  •  Make a more modern look by simply adding aluminum deckorator balusters (avail. in round or square and in white, black or bronze ) in place of the solid plastic balusters for just an additional $2.00 per sq. ft. including the designer connectors.
  • Weed barrier and drainage stones are advised for decks low to the ground in wet areas. This helps with moisture, looks very nice, and clean under deck. There are a variety of stone and colors to choose from and this usually runs almost $4.00 per sq. ft. installed.
  • Deck Tiles are an awesome idea. They come in 16″x16″ pieces so you can totally custom make a tile section in your deck floor to perfectly fit under your grill/cooking area or under that firepit for roasting smores!!!
  • Deck Lighting has become popular for adding a feeling of warmth and coziness in those summer eves. We offer many options for deck lighting:
    • Under railing lights
    • Side mount rail post lights
    • Post cap lights
    • and more

Lighting will usually run approx. $150.00 per light installed including the wiring, timer/transformer, materials and labor. They add such a nice touch. But keep in mind, we are not using the prefabbed 8′ or 10′ rail sections as other deck builders do, With us, you will have a rail post every 4-5′ and our railings are solid. We build them for quality and strength using solid plastic not hollow so we use more posts than the average deck builder in our railings so please figure that in, when figuring out how many lights you may need/want. All is done perfectly symmetrical with whatever your railing sections measure.

Hopefully that pretty much covers what it may end up costing you for a new deck depending which features you would really like to have. And some you can add on at a later time! But please feel free to call or email and just ask anytime!


Our beautiful, unique and cozy screen porches are one of a kind! Our screen room prices start at Cedar: $100.00 per sq. ft. and Maint. Free $150.00 per sq. ft. This includes permit, code required frame, beams, footings, 12” on center framing, Azek Harvest, Terra, Arbor, and Vintage collection decking installed with charcoal fiberglass screening under decking over joists so bugs can’t squeeze up through cracks., White vinyl wall posts, Charcoal fiberglass screening, Each section is done individually so it is extremely easy to replace a tear. Rustic A-Frame Cathedral knotty cedar ceiling with open and exposed Fir rafters, the outside roof will have ice and water shield and shingles to match your house as closely as possible. Proper gutters and downspouts will be installed. A 3’ door is included. You can definitely add extras: electric, a ceiling fan, GFI outlets, cable to watch a baseball game on Sunday afternoon! You can add a small attached sundeck for your grill with deck tiles. There is so much you can do…even add skylights with solar remote control shades not to make the room inside your house too dark with the new porch… but will block the sun in those dog days of summer! If you love the outdoors as much as we do, these porches are so awesome and will extend your outside living tremendously!


We custom make our gazebos on site and they are extremely detailed and beefy! Open rustic cathedral ceilings etc. Unique decorative fretting around top of wall where it meets the roof. Screened in with 3’ door. They usually run $150.00 per sq. ft.


One other thing just to give you a heads up on is the Permit. With Get Decked, Permits are usually included at no extra charge. Unless architectural seals or something else out of the ordinary is required. We will apply for your township building permit. The only thing we need from the homeowner to apply for the building/zoning permit is a copy of a plot plan or survey map of the property where the deck will be installed. It will look like a map of your property showing the lot, lot measurements, house, house measurements…how far house is from road and all property setback lines will be drawn on there. We are required to draw the proposed deck on there to scale for the township. They want to make sure you won’t be going over your allowed building setback lines etc. And in recent years in some townships, they care about how much of your own property you are covering with sheds, sidewalks, driveways, pools, other building structures. Some townships are very strict about it they call it Impervious coverage and in some townships your lot can only have so much of a percentile of Impervious coverage.

3. MATERIALS…that last a lifetime!

Many deck builders push materials that benefit them that install easily and are purchased at cheaper costs, which mean more profit for the builder. Get Decked is old school and pretty stubborn. For our Low Maintenance Decks, we will only use Azek PVC decking! We’ve done decades of research, trial and error over all of these years and quite frankly only one product has passed the test of time for us (over a 16 year span) Azek. There are plenty of products out there and we’ve tried and used them all. But a lot of them leave you disappointed in the long run and cost way more than others. When you build with Get Decked, you combine a professional journeyman carpenter’s expertise with a lifetime quality product backed by an outstanding warranty. In the end, that combination gives you a Deck that appreciates in value each year!

Free Sunday Estimate

Once you are ready for your new deck within 45 days of hoping to have it built just give us a call. We give Free Estimates every Sunday on our day off and will do a few drawings and give you the price right then and there. But by then you will already know how much it will cost by figuring it out on our site. We also bring our portfolio with our over 30 years of deck pictures and an information packet about our company, our insurance, licenses, 9 pages of references, & company/product info. to leave with you.


There is a new deck code popping up and brought to our attention just starting to be enforced in New Castle County Delaware, we think you should be aware of when planning your new deck. If you have a bump out on the back of your home where your fireplace is located  (as seen in picture),  our deck floor surface (is being interpreted as a grade level ) must be 7′ below that silver vent on the fireplace wall outside that usually has the word “HOT” marked on it.  Although it is not a current Official code, it has been brought to our attention on two separate occasions from NCC Code enforcement within the past few months!  So if getting ready to plan the design of your new deck,  please keep this in mind!